They look at me and think I am a man in a full suit of ghostly black armor, the truth is far more sinister. I was not always this way, I was once a man I had a good life and a wonderful family. I was called by my king to take the fight to the invading armies of Eastern lands. As a captain in his army it was a honor to serve and fulfill my duty. We did not realize we were being sent in out numbered out armed and with little care if we survived the fight. Country, The Gods, and Glory we shouted as the army of horrors and creatures of our worst nightmares swarmed over our defenses. To this day I can still feel where that dark blade stabbed into my chest, that creatures eyes filled with mindless hate, and a desire for blood.

All I could feel was cold emptiness, my mind drifted and it felt as if I had slept a thousand years. I awoke on a table bandages stuffed into my wound and men speaking in mumbled voices as I came to. A masked man looked and noticed my eyes opening and came to my side I could feel the same hate in him that I felt in the creature. He tried talking to me in a reassuring voice letting me know that I was safe now. I couldn’t feel anything, I tried to move but it felt as if everything was bound firmly in place. I could see my legs and arms yet I could not will them to move. The man urged me to calm down his voice ringing in my ears he let me know that I had suffered a crippling wound and that they were not sure if they could do anything more to repair my body. They asked me if I would like anything, hate and anger filled my mind and I screamed for revenge. The rest of the men turned my way, a sense of satisfaction gleaming in their faces. They asked me if i had the power would I enact my revenge and become the downfall of the corrupt king. I said I would do anything so long as to keep my family safe from such a tyrant. They guaranteed that my family would be taken care of if I agreed to what they had in store for me.

Had I known what I was doing was worse than the horrors of the nine hells I would have spat in their faces and let myself bleed out with a smile of satisfaction. Foolishly I sold my soul to these men, I was pulled from the table and placed in a container of green licked they told me to breathe it in. I was then pushed down into it and the container was sealed. I felt the liquid enter my nose and mouth it felt as if something was forcing its way into my through my eyes ears mouth and nose. I fought against it thrashing my head I could feel my legs and arms again and I opened my eyes to the horror of watching them melt away in front of me. I let go of all my rage hatred and every last emotion as the green liquid filled my lungs my vision dimmed and all I could feel was anger pain and hatred.

I woke up looking around no more pain no more horror. I looked through the glass walls of the container but no mater how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to find my body and i glided with ease through the green liquid I couldn’t feel my body at all. I saw the men from before look around towards me as the green liquid around me started to glow brightly. They walked up and began to talk with me looking at the liquid but not to any general area of the liquid. They began to explain that they had stripped away the mortal coil of life from me, and encased my soul in the safety of this liquid. The let me know that I would be here for some time as they constructed me a new body. Day in and day out I watched with curiosity as odd chunks of black metal were brought in heated to white hot colors and turned to armor with magics that I had never seen in my life. Months passed by and I could see this suit of armor they were building, larger than any man I had ever seen.

They came to me proclaimed they were ready and that it would not be much longer now. They hoisted the armor above my container an sealed the top of it and lowered it into the tank only to reseal it quickly. as they stood around the container they began to chant, their eyes glowed white and lighting shot into the tank. The armor began to hum and as it did I could feel myself being pulled into it. Blackness enveloped me, my hatred and my fury was reborn. I looked around and saw the legs and arms of the armor, I could feel them as if they were my own flesh and bone. Strength and power flowed through the armor. I could see them all standing there smiling with themselves. Let them have there moment, this day would soon be mine.

A dark whisper stabbed into my mind I could feel the thoughts and presence of a thousand evil beings inside me. The voices boasted together you are my prize you are my most beloved creature, you will be my voice my will my hatred and my fury unbound. Kill these men they are no longer required they have served there purpose. The voice faded as my solid fist crashed through the cage grasping at the first throat I could reach i pulled him into the glass the pure look of shock on his face as his body shattered the glass spilling the green burning liquid onto the rest of them i crushed his neck and threw him across the room I turned to the rest of them and saw them melt away screaming in there confusion. I crushed one of there skulls under my boot in a grim satisfaction. I could feel there souls screaming as they were pulled into me they soon became a part of me and that voice that had empowered me to do its deeds. It spoke again, “That was excellent” the sound of souls screaming in its voice. Now go take your revenge unleash my unholy fury upon them my “Verryter.”

I forced my way out of their maze of a dungeon and burst into a familiar room. I don’t know why it was but it felt that way everything about this place did. Guards with looks of horror on their faces attacked thrusting there weapons and feeling only cold unyielding steel block them. I pushed them out of the way with great ease a single purpose in my mind I had to kill the person at the top of these stairs. I cam crashing through his doors two guards choking and bleeding out in my bare metal hands. I saw him for what he was a puppet being played like the rest of them promises of glory and wealth. I just wished I had a sword right then, metal jetted out and my fist grasped the object it was as black as my armor He looked into my eyes with horror as he pleaded for his life. I told him my true name and a dumb founded look came across his face, “Captain?” he asked “No it cannot be I sent you to die”. I responded in a hallow voice full of hate “you should have done it yourself, now I Verryter shall be your undoing.” I plunged the black blade into his chest and felt his life flow into the blade and into me. I laughed as his soul screamed in defiance as it was consumed by mine.

With the King dead and no heir to the throne civil war broke out the country was consumed and faded into dust. I cared little for my family now, the world was much to small a place to allow such shallow emotions to run through me. Sword in hand I carved out a path of dead each being adding to my knowledge, my collective purpose the desire to obtain more. There was no turning back for me even if I wanted to be a good being the hate and anger that I was forged with is an overwhelming presence that some can even feel.

When I have grown bored with my surroundings and my accomplishments I would seal myself away in the depths of the under dark and “sleep” if you can call it that. Wait for the rise and fall of nations and emerge to sow death and confusion into the lands. This is the eleventh time I have done this, countries change and the people along with them forests and mountains move in these spans of time, but my hatred, my anger and that dark voice remains the same, I Verryter will be your worlds undoing.


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